Get ADA rewards just by holding CHARLES Token

The CHARLES token has a yield-generate contract on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) when the token holders get rewarded in ADA (BEP20). The mechanism incentivizes token holders to hold in order to earn dividends from the sell transactions.
ADA tokens
awarded so far since launch
CHARLES Token Contract

Why CHARLES Token is the greatest thing since sliced bread

We would like to:
Pay tribute to Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, and offer an alternative way to earn ADA for Cardano stake pool delegators
Create a token on BSC which can be trusted and the liquidity not to be rugpulled during overnight
Do good and give back to community (charity events and supporting the holders/delegators)

Multiple ways to EARN with CHARLES Token

CHARLES Token has 3 options to increase your crypto wallet and make profit or invest in other cryptocurrency.

EARN from CHARLES Token price increase

The simple way, when you feel you made your profit just swap CHARLES for other cryptocurrency at Pancakeswap.
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Transfer your earned ADA to the Cardano network

Send back your reward ADA to your exchange account that accepts BEP20 ADA (eg. Binance) and forward it to your Yoroi/Daedelus address.

Delegate your ADA tokens to a pool to get rewards

After you sent, just forward it to your Yoroi address, then delegate to a desired stake pool (may we recommend the GULAS pool?)

EARN just by holding CHARLES Tokens

The Highlander effect: At every transaction the hodlers are rewarded (7% of the sell) by ADA token. The amount of the reward depends on the number of CHARLES tokens that you keep in your diamond hands. (Minimum 1.000.000 CHARLES token needed to get reward)

When you are happy with your CHARLES token value and you want to realize, you only need to swap CHARLES tokens to BNB at pancakeswap.

Attention! We would like to ask, if you start to realize, please do it gently (into smaller parts) to save the CHARLES market and respect the project.
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Transfer your earned ADA to Cardano network

The 7% of the selling transactions are being distributed among the holders, based on your holding power. So more CHARLES token you have, more ADA will land in your same wallet.

So it doesn't matter if you see a red or green colour in the chart, you will always smile.

If you earn enough ADA coin, you simply just send it back to your exchange account (BEP20) and forward it to your Yoroi/Daedelus address

Delegate your ADA tokens to a pool to get rewards

After you sent ADA to your Yoroi/Daedelus address, you can delegate to a desired stake pool.

Did you know that we - the team - runs a small but dedicated Cardano community in Hungary? We’ve been in the Cardano scene since December of 2020, when the team has started a Cardano news portal. A few months later we built our own Cardano stake pool (ticker: GULAS) and the community had started to grow rapidly. If you want to join us, we suggest our GULAS pool, and earn 5-7% APY.
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All you need to know about Tokenomics

The total supply is token. The fee is 13% which is 7% ADA reward, 3% Liquidity and 3% Public Charity.
The liquidity consists of two parts (BNB and ADA), and they are locked for 1 year!

100 Billion

Total Supply


Every transactions have an automatic 13% transaction tax which is divided as follows:




ADA Reward




Public Charity

We have a bright future ahead

The Beginning

Fair Token launch
Creation of socials
Website Launch
National marketing
300 CHARLES Holder
500 Telegram Members

Development Stages

CoinMarketCap listing
Coingecko listing
International marketing
Paid advertisements
Social competitions
Charity events
2500 CHARLES Holder
3000 Telegram Members

Growing Up

CHARLES farming pool Influencer marketing
Massiv advertising
More charity events
6000 CHARLES Holder
5000 Telegram Members
More to be announced...
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Get ADA rewards just by holding CHARLES Token

Multiple ways to EARN with a CHARLES Token, which can be trusted and the liquidity not to be rug-pulled during overnight.